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It all started with a simple idea . . .

If students have fun, they'll learn more and perform better. Much better, it turns out.

In 2016, Vivek and Ayush decided to make a CLAT test prep company founded on two principles. They were fed up with expensive CLAT prep classes and mediocre teaching. So, they figured out how to master the CLAT, and created Legalight to share their strategies with you. They wanted to make their classes and materials interesting enough that students would actually enjoy studying, and they wanted to make a company for which they'd want to work.


With an obsessive focus on quality, we have since turned down every opportunity to take outside investment so that we can provide best CLAT institute in Patna. We believe we can stay truer to our original ethos and that our students are better off without owners that are only in it for the financial rewards. The only guiding principle for the original curriculum was “What would the ideal CLAT test prep course look like?” Nevertheless, every person that has joined our team has shared our “students first” philosophy. We love our jobs so much because we get to positively transform the lives of our students. Our ideology and believe of students on us made Legalight one of the top 10 CLAT coaching in Patna.

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Who we are?

Our  Purpose

Our work impacts the lives of thousands of students. We take this responsibility seriously. As the demand for high test scores has grown, admission to top Law schools has become almost unattainable for those who can’t afford expensive prep classes and tutors.  We’re changing that by helping millions of students study at their own pace, and on their own time – regardless of location, social status, or background. Through Legalight we are fulfilling our commitment of best CLAT coaching in Patna. It’s time for more students to reap the rewards of advanced education. We aim to enrich society by making education more accessible and helping more of those who dream of an advanced degree, a better position, and a more fulfilling lifestyle. Get what you seek for by enrolling yourself with Legalight which comes under top 10 CLAT institute in Patna.

Our team of education fanatics is on a mission to make law test prep better. We are a bunch of education nerds from across different NLUs & Prestigious law schools in India who gets super stoked about helping law aspirants achieve their dream law school. We believe we can level the playing field by giving every student access to effective, affordable, and engaging test prep tools at Legalight law coaching in Patna.

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A passion for learning and helping others achieve their educational goals.


The demonstration of a growth mindset.


Readiness to apply new technologies to support evolving learning needs.


Readiness to apply new technologies to support evolving learning needs.


A desire to work with extremely bright and driven colleagues.


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SINCE 2016

​​We’re proud to help students overcome challenges that can stand in the way of their education.


Vivek was born in a middle class family and he understood the power of education. What started at age of 8 when he tutored his neighbour's children at his house became a lifelong devotion to teaching. He believes that success should be based on merit, not heritage, wealth, or social status, and he saw standardized tests as a way to open doors, regardless of background. At Legalight CLAT institute in Patna, we are not just preparing students for the test, but a lifetime of success. Legalight’s mission and values are firmly rooted in this belief; a portion of our students’ tuition goes toward a number of initiatives that provide educational opportunities to those who might otherwise not have them.

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Passion led us here . . . .

The ethos of "edu-tainment" — mastery of the materials combined with

engaging teaching methods — permeates the entire company.

Legalight's books don't look like CLAT books, its classes don't feel like test prep classes, and its instructors, well...they're kind of rock stars. Slightly unusual CLAT rock stars, but rock stars nonetheless. But this isn't fun for the sake of fun. It's fun for the sake of performance, and our results demonstrate that our methods work. Legalight students average a practice exam score increase of 60 marks, an amazing achievement on a test that is now scored on a scale of 100-150. Since 2016, Legalight has offered the best CLAT coaching in Patna, so much so that comparisons with other companies are somewhat embarrassing (for them, of course). Our instructors are intensely interviewed and picked for their dynamic teaching styles and enthusiastic personalities. What's the point of having an intellectual superstar as a teacher if they put you to sleep after the first ten minutes? If you are going to be spending hours and hours listening to someone speak, shouldn't it be someone you would actually want to be in a room with? We're an eclectic group (to say the least!), but the common thread is that we all care about what we do. We all really do put our best efforts into providing personalized mentoring and putting out the best test prep products available anywhere! 

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Legalight is a young, fast, creative, and intellectual environment. It's a great balance of challenging and rewarding projects, heavy responsibility, and creativity all wrapped up into a very comfortable and relaxed office. Our team members embody both aspects of the Legalight ethos: a sense of fun and a commitment to excellence. They share the belief that we can have a good time while still being the best at what we do. We’re a diverse team that has come together to work on an audacious mission: to provide a comprehensive mentoring for anyone, anywhere in India. We are developers, teachers, designers, strategists, scientists, and content specialists who passionately believe in inspiring the world to learn. We proudly say that we are best among the top 10 CLAT institute in Patna.  A few great people can make a big difference. We are never fully satisfied, and we continue to work hard to improve everything we do at Legalight.

Are you a smart student, but can't figure out why you're scoring low on the CLAT? One of the main reasons is that the CLAT requires thinking in specific ways that you're not used to and never learned in school. You can definitely master these methods, but it takes training and an awareness of strategy. We teach you how to think correctly about the CLAT. Our adaptive practice sets make the most of your CLAT study time. Intelligent question sets analyze your skills and give you problems catered to your strengths and weaknesses, optimizing your ability to learn quickly and effectively. Train your mind, body, and attitude for success on the CLAT and beyond! The most comprehensive preparation option available for conquering the CLAT. This course provides you with the extensive instruction, unparalleled course materials, and proven techniques you need to achieve your CLAT goals. This truly is the most reliable way to attain the best score possible.

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In short, you get the best mentors, cutting edge prep materials, comprehensive practice of each type of questions that might show up on your actual test , and unparalleled personalised support, all at an incredible value. 

So, what are you waiting for ?

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