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Rs. 12,000/-


New Pattern General Knowledge section of CLAT 2023 being the most uncertain and toughest section requires a pre-planned structured preparation. With few months left in hand, it's practically impossible for an aspirant to prepare on every significant topic from 10+ different news sources. Newspaper reading is good but not sufficient to tackle all the 5 questions of a general knowledge passage.

That's why we have introduced this course for all CLAT 2023 and CLAT 2024 aspirants. This course will ensure that aspirants are preparing GK. from the most authentic and reliable source which includes CLATopedia and Daily News Simplified followed by question practice and video lessons on all important topics.

This Course Includes:

1. DNS (Daily News Simplified) on Daily basis.
2. Monthly Current Affairs Compendium (January 2022- December 2022)
3. Weekly Passage Practice on New CLAT Pattern.
4. Current Legal G.K. Exclusively for AILET Examination.

5. Mentorship for G.K. Preparation until CLAT 2023 (Dec. 2022)

6. Access to LEGALIGHT LMS

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Boost Your CLAT Preparation with Legalight's Blueprint for CLAT Book series prepare by Experts and recommended by CLAT Toppers. All the Booklets and Clatopedia G.k. Magazine has been Prepared considering the New CLAT Pattern and after analysing all the Sample papers published by CLAT Consortium and CLAT 2020 Paper. 

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Note: Books will be dispatched at your registered address within 5-7 days from the date of purchase.

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